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I have several pieces of gear for camping and backpacking.

1. BACKPACK: Kelty Redcloud 90L ($75) - Excellent condition. Bought new for winter backpacking and have only used it maybe half a dozen times. Torso size 17" - 21". User manual included.

2. TENT: Wild Country Coshee Micro bivy tent ($90) - New condition. Bought new for ~$135 and never used it. Nothing wrong with it, I just found something I liked better. I've added a Tyvek groundsheet ($25) with a rollout so you won't get your knees dirty getting in and out. This is a very small tent and good for stealth camping and backcountry, but if you're over 6' it's probably going to be too small for you. Mesh panel inner, so not a good summer tent. Price is cheap because I really want the closet space back.

3. TENT: Sierra Designs High Side 1 ($100) - This is what I liked better. Very good condition/Has trivial repaired damage. Superlight and surprisingly roomy 1 person sil/PeU nylon bivy style tent. Bought last year and used it only once. One of stake loops pulled out of the stitching (see pic) and I field repaired it and it works fine now. If you can sew or use a sewing machine, you can fix this permanently in 5 minutes, but it works just like it is. This is the 2022 version and sold for $280 regular. The 2023 version is a solid $300. You might still find these on closeout for $175 - $200, but they're getting scarce. I do have an identical replacement and use that one often, but this one is just taking up space. Third pic is the replacement tent, so you can see it closed.

4. TREKKING POLES: Komperdell Raptor ($30) 140cm maximum length. Very good condition. These are not new poles, but they're very high end models. Made with Titanal, an aluminum/titanium alloy, and have nice padded wrist straps. Twist locks are rock solid and these poles have seen almost no trail time. The Vibrastop wrap has been cut off on the bottom for some reason, probably because it pulled loose, and someone's initials have been engraved on the top of the handles, but the poles are otherwise scratch free.

5. TREKKING POLES: Komperdell Antishock Ice ($30) 145cm maximum length. Excellent condition. Like the Raptors, these are not new poles, but are high end models. Not quite as high end as the Raptors, but still very nice and have seen almost no use. Twist locks lock up tight and the shock absorbers work perfectly, as does the on/off mechanism.

BOTH for $50! I have one set of standard baskets for these poles and they go with whichever pair sells first if the buyer wants them.

6. SLEEPING BAG: Snugpak Sleeper Lite mummy bag ($20) - Excellent condition. Dark green. Bought secondhand in unused condition. Has a 32f comfort rating. I've used the bag once down to the low/mid 30s and it was fine with a 3.8R pad and good base layer. Isofobre fill and has great weight and pack size for a synthetic fill bag. Has a nice compression sack, too, but the stitching is sketchy on one part of it. I don't think it's going to rip out, but I wouldn't try to compress it as tight as possible, either. I don't have any pics of this, but I can send you some if you want to see them.

7. CHAIR: Naturehike YL08 Moon Chair ($35) - This is the standard 2lb aluminum version and includes the ball feet so it doesn't sink in wet soil, not the 3.5lb "lite" version made with steel. The quality of this piece of kit is shockingly high regardless of it's budget brand origins. Amazon shipped two by mistake and told me to keep the extra, so the chair has never been used. I have used the storage bag because it makes a great kit bag all by itself, but never the chair. Haven't even taken the rubber band off of it. I don't think I have any pics of the chair by itself, but I'll upload a pic that has the chair in it. Check Amazon for close ups.

8. TARP: DD Hammocks 3x3 (9'5"x9'5") Camo ($60) - Excellent condition and includes all stakes, guy lines and the storage bag. Used only a few times. Really nice tarp. I just don't need it. I really don't want to drag this thing out to take pictures of it, but there's gobs of pics on Amazon and reviews on YouTube.

Single prices are not negotiable, but there's room on multiple purchases. CASH ONLY. Check my other listings for high quality knives.


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