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We look for innovative technology to make your lives easier.
Installing all major brands and models of Smart Home upgrades, from thermostats to ceiling fans, lights, and even landscaping lighting.

Services List
1. Drywall repair and maintenance
Patching holes in drywall, even large ones that horseplaying children may cause, is a valuable service.
Repairing nail or thumbtack holes, removing old wallpaper, or patching tears in the drywall.
Replacing drywall or even installing drywall to finish an attic, basement, or garage.

2. Interior stain and paint
Interior painting, whether it’s a whole house or just one room.
Recoloring services, stain or paint removal, touching up faded colors, or replacing and painting drywall.
We can paint wainscotting, baseboards and crown molding, cupboards and cabinets, doors, and other interior fixtures.

3. Exterior stain and paint
Like interior painting, staining, and color removal.

4. Floor improvements and tiling
Tile floor coverings in bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and laundry/ mudrooms.
Tile installation services for floors or tile replacement, including cutting, grouting, and perfect placement.
Tiling services include installing backsplashes in a kitchen or tiles on the wall in a shower, kitchen, or bathroom.

5. Light fixture installation
Installing new lighting fixtures.
like ceiling fans, recessed and track lighting, under-cabinet lighting, and exterior and landscaping lighting.
lighting maintenance, like replacing high, hard-to-reach bulbs.

6. Properly Door hardware installation for your home security
Installing new door knobs, locks, deadbolts, and keypad door locks.

7. Picture hanging and installation
Hanging pictures and artwork so they’re perfectly centered, balanced.

8. Window coverings
Services include hanging curtains, drapes, shades, and hardware like strain pulls and tie-back rods.
Also install blinds of different sorts, like Venetian blinds or plantation shutters.
Window covering installation also include “smart” shades, ideal for regulating temperatures in buildings with large windows or locations with harsh heat or cold.

9. Screen installation and repair
Window and door screens need maintenance to prevent too-frequent replacement.
Services include replacing screens or patching damaged screens.

10. Minor plumbing
fix a leaky faucet, install or replace bathroom fixtures, replace a garbage disposal or unclog a sink,
replace or install a new shower head, or remove and re-caulk kitchens and bathrooms.

11. Minor electrical
Electrical services We offer include minor renovations in the building’s electrical circuit,
installing security cameras and other equipment,
smoke detectors and radon detectors, and other small electrical needs.

12. Small appliance installation and repair
Installing small appliances, like an over-stove microwave or Ring doorbell.

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